Benefits of Resistance Bands Vs. Weights for Keto Weight Loss

Resistance Bands vs. weights for keto weight loss

You’re probably already aware of the importance of strength-training exercises for weight loss. Resistance exercise helps preserve and build muscles, improve body composition, and burn calories. Like many others, you may have hesitated to begin an exercise program because you’re overwhelmed by an abundance of choices. Before you run out to invest in clunky weights or expensive fitness machines, explore the benefits of resistance bands vs. weights for keto weight loss.

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Benefits of Resistance Bands Vs. Weights

You may entertain several objections to keeping heavy weights or a new fitness machine at home. These items can get expensive, take up lots of room, and are a bit intimidating to begin. Besides, they’re hardly portable, so you can’t take them with you when you travel.

Most of all, dumbbells, barbells, and kettle balls may not offer you the optimum workout when compared to a much cheaper and more convenient solution, resistance bands. In fact, the Cleveland Clinic reported that multiple fitness experts found resistance bands as effective — or more effective — at building muscle than weights.

One 2022 overview considered over a dozen studies with hundreds of participants and found resistance bands superior for reducing fat in overweight participants when compared to free weights, body-weight exercises, and more.

7 Benefits of Resistance Bands Vs. Weights

Can a $20 set of resistance bands work as effectively as weights or fitness machines that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars? Look at several benefits of resistance bands vs. weights for keto weight loss.

  • Portable and easy to store: A pack of resistance bands will weigh very little and can be stored in a drawer, stuffed in a suitcase, or shoved under the bed with little fuss. They also don’t require much room to use. If space and convenience matter, resistance bands offer an ideal fitness solution.
  • Cost effective: Sure, you can invest a lot of money in a fancy fitness machine or multiple weights. You can also choose to spend less than the cost of your month’s supply of protein powder on resistance bands. Save your budget for the new wardrobe you’ll soon need.
  • Versatile for all fitness levels: Resistance bands offer many workout options to exercise various parts of your body. Also, they make it possible to easily increase or decrease force by using different sized bands.
  • Less stressful on bodies: Weights rely on gravity, and they apply the most force when the muscle is extended and not contracted. In contrast, a band’s tension will increase as the muscle contracts, offering bigger gains. Bands are also less likely to stress joints or cause injuries.

Why is Strength Training Important for Weight Loss?

When most people embark on a weight-loss plan, they hope to improve their appearance and fitness. Thus, few people are happy to manage their diet for months only to find they have traded in being overweight or obese for that condition called “skinny fat.” That means the person lost fat, but they did not replace that fat with muscles and may have even lost muscle mass along with fat.

Thus, you probably don’t just want to lose weight. You really want to lose fat and preserve or grow muscles. That way, you will improve your strength and overall fitness, along with your appearance. In fact, some dieters find that they don’t need to lose as much weight as they thought. They can simply replace fat weight with muscle weight.

That’s why it’s important to use a tape measure, as well as a scale, to check your progress. Some days or weeks, the scale won’t budge, even if you’re clothes start fitting loser and you’re losing inches.

Meanwhile, greater muscle mass requires more calories to support, so building muscles can also make dieting a bit more forgiving. Supplementing your keto diet with exercise can also make it faster and easier to achieve your weight-loss goals.

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