Helpful Keto Resources to Get Started

Helpful keto tools to begin your low-carb lifestyle

No two people have exactly the same goals when they embark on the low-carbohydrate lifestyle. That’s one reason we don’t all begin with exactly the same useful tools and strategies. If you hope to lose weight, improve your health, build muscle, or achieve another aim, the right keto resources can help keep you motivated and ensure you understand your progress to adapt the diet to your needs. Explore the possibilities with this overview of helpful keto resources.

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The Helpful Keto Resources Guide

Learn more, find fellow travelers, and track progress with this collated list of helpful keto resources.

  • Work With Your Healthcare Professional: Most people should consult with a doctor. An office visit can include testing to establish a baseline and a discussion of your planned diet and future goals. Think of your healthcare professionals as part of your team, all focused on helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.
  • Keto communities and websites: Besides your doctor, you may find online communities can supply you with support that you may lack within your circle of friends and family members. Some excellent suggestions include Reddit/keto, The Diet Doctor, KetoComfortFoods.Love, and various low-carb recipe sites.
  • Mobile apps: You can find various food and fitness apps that can help you on your journey. Popular examples include My Fitness Pal and Carb Manager.
  • Digital tools: You’ll need at least a phone to visit websites, use apps, and these days, schedule visits with your healthcare team. Some other handy digital tools include a wearable fitness tracker or smart watch and a reliable scale. Some folks benefit from using food scales as well. You’ll probably also want a flexible tape measure to measure lost inches from your belly, chest, and hips!
  • Electrolyte supplements: Very low-carb diets tend to have a diuretic effect, especially at first. Thus, you should consider supplementing with electrolytes to avoid deficiencies and the dreaded keto flu. With this in mind, a water bottle may be your most helpful keto tool.
  • Kitchen supplies: You may change cooking styles somewhat as you explore various keto recipes. You don’t need to run out and buy a lot of things, but you might explore the possibilities of using a slow cooker, pressure cooker, or air fryer. Lots of folks also end up buying a small waffle iron for chaffles.

Do You Need These Helpful Keto Tools?

You don’t need to run out and buy anything. You can find plenty of helpful advice online to get started. If you cook, your stove and oven will work fine. You should also be able to see progress when your pants start feeling looser or your friends complement your weight loss. However, as humans, we tend to use tools to make our tasks easier, and this guide can get you started.

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